enable custom color-modes without relation to actual time (Reader Mode)

  • Thanks for the great tool ! But one feature is still missing:

    When using lg-monitors, there is a built-in future called "Reader Mode" (which reduces blue color by one click). Please provide a button to manual set a "Reader Mode" or to manually set the custom colors. For example, I don't want to wait for night to enable night-mode. Please make it possible to set the colors (mode) manually and independent of actual time.

  • @nic-321 You don't really need a reader mode. What I like to do is I would usually have f.lux set to 5700K in the daytime, which is the true color of DIRECT sunlight, like shining on a white paper. Wikipedia lists 5780K as the color to be specific.

    It was a slightly yellow cast to it in comparison to reflected light on other objects, and I really like that.

  • Sorry, but I need a "reader mode" or the ability to set up a "color-mode" manually without dependency to the actual time. For example, my room is dark, even when sun is shining outside and I want to set up the mode by myself.

    So please provide the option to set up a color mode also by my personal preference and not only by time. Thanks!

  • @nic-321 This is an often-requested feature. The closest you can get at the moment is just to open f.lux preferences and manually adjust the colour temperature for whatever time of day it is now, and set it back when you're done.

    If you want night mode during the day, first in the f.lux menu check "Options->Expanded daytime settings".

    Then whenever you want night mode, just open the Preferences and drag the slider all the way to the left.

    Note that doing this will also lower your Sunset and Bedtime colours, but when you set it back again, they won't be restored. So you have to either choose "Recommeded colors", or remember your custom colour settings and set them all back.

  • @nic-321

    For example, my room is dark, even when sun is shining outside

    Do you have a window in this room and what kind of lights are you using?
    Also there is an account called " @Nick123 " did you make that one as well?

  • No, @Nick123 is not my account.

    What is wrong with giving a feature to manually set the color mode? This is the first users expect when having such a tool. Please provide this and dont ask me how much windows are in my rooms and what time i am working;)

  • @nic-321 As far as I know, @Tungsten_smooth is an avid user of f.lux, but is not associated with the company (nor am I) - just trying to give you a hand.

    Nothing wrong with asking for this feature, many others have too. Maybe the developers will add it in the future, maybe not - there's only two of them, and there are hundreds of other feature requests.

    In the meantime, does what I wrote help you in some way? Yes, there are a couple more steps than just clicking a button, but it's really not that difficult.

    @Tungsten_smooth Yes, the true colour of direct sunlight shining on a white piece of paper is around 5800K - if you're in outer space. For those of us on earth, it's usually closer to the 6500K daylight standard, but can vary between ~2000-8000K.

    If you like the way 5700K looks, no problem. But most people should set their screens to the default 6500K during the day for accurate colour reproduction, because that's the industry standard for content created for computer and television screens.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @nic-321 Well, it's a big deal. F.lux is more than just a program, they do their best to provide information about sleep, and light, and want to incorporate that in the program in a way that makes you more aware of it.

    For example, the Mac program says "The sun is shining -- go outside". This is their way of telling you that bright light outside is good to help you stay awake. Being in a dark room for a few hours is NOT a good thing during the day. That's why I mention it. I'll never give up the windows in my room, I love them, but being outside will always be brighter.

  • Have you got the solution? If so, then please tell me the best way.

  • @kushclarke said in enable custom color-modes without relation to actual time (Reader Mode):

    Have you got the solution? If so, then please tell me the best way. Check out this guide now.

    What about this?

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