Constant Temperature below candle

  • Hi there,

    How can I set the temperature to below Candle all the time.

    I can only go to Tungsten during the day and Sunset.

  • @solarguy100 I'll say that it's not advised. You'll be asked WHY you want to do this. The reason is this program is designed to mimic the sun's light during the day, and it's bright white in the daytime. Then around sunset things get more yellow, so it's great to have your screen match that.

    So, do you have a window in the room that you use this computer in? Also why do you want to keep your screen crazy super yellow in the daytime, especially below candle--that's just way too much. So if you have a REALLY REALLY good reason, then I'll come up with something...

  • Hey there thanks for replying.

    I find that my eyes are super sensitive to blue light. It may be my contacts or my astigmatism.

    I find that when I lower the temperature as much as possible, I have far fewer headaches and less strain on my eyes throughout the day. My eyes also don't get as dry when I have a super low temp setting.

    I can physically feel a difference between candle and tungsten on my eyes.

  • @solarguy100 ah I also have astigmatism. Anyway do you have a window in the room and have you reduced the brightness of the screen to help?

  • I dont have much flexibility with a window since I work in an office.

    i do already turn the brightness down quite a bit. But I find the warmer temperature helps even more.

    Is there any way to do this?

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  • @Elhem-Enohpi Woah. Actually you can, I just haven't told OP yet. Also I was gonna say OP'd be better off using Darkroom mode, but it seemed slightly harsh.

    I don't wear contacts nor does the light from the computer monitor bother me, but I need to know if @solarguy100 has a window, and what type of lights he has.
    @solarguy100 read the above sentence haha!

    I need to know, and I'd like to know if you could install a bright cool white LED bulb (if that's O.K. for your eyes, not all LED bulbs are created equal and I completely understand that, I promise, so I'd start with expensive (not cheap varieties, I've done it, DON'T do it) Philips bulbs. I want to be clear, Philips has cheaper stock, do NOT use it, it's ..... cheap.

    Also, what do you do when you are outside, shades, special coated contacts etc?

  • @Tungsten_smooth

    It's not possible to set f.lux below 1900K in the daytime.

    I missed the part where solarguy100 said "I can only go to Tungsten during the day". Checking "expanded daytime settings" under Options lets you go down to 1900K. But not below.

    Darkroom mode is really something else, I don't think it's suitable for what he wants. Redscreen is a better option, if he really wants to go below 1900K.

    He's said he's super-sensitive to blue light, and feels better with a super-low temp setting. That sounds like reason enough, I don't see a problem with it.

    Why are you suggesting to buy an expensive daylight LED bulb, that pumps out tons of blue light??

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  • @Elhem-Enohpi

    Red screen is perfect. Thanks guys.

  • @solarguy100 Make sure you see enough bright light during the day!

  • @solarguy100 I think it's possible to manually set your location so flux thinks it's nighttime when its actually your working time :)

  • @solarguy100 there are even geographic locations, where half a year is nighttime :p

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