F.lux alerts on El Capitan and voice

  • So I recently installed the app and really love it! The reverse alarm clock is also a great addition! I want expecting that feature when I installed it and have now found it incredibly useful. Sometimes I will get in a game session before bed and many times before I'd end up losing track of the time. Now F.lux alerts me when I will be getting up in the morning. So helpful. I decided to try something though. Since games the to be played full screen, I thought it would be nice to turn on the voice dictated alerts in OS X El Capitan so those alerts could be announced. It works in theory, except it doesn't read the important part (the wake up time) aloud. It just reads the app name (F.lux). This is certainly not what I was hoping for. If there any way to change this behavior? If it something if have to change in OS X or F.lux? Is it a bug/oversight? Anyway, thanks for the great app!

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