Do you use smart bulb in your room?

  • Do you use smart bulb in your room?

  • @Kathy Let's say I have two smart hue lights but I don't use them much. I also usually keep the bridge unplugged now. It's a shame but the color rendering is just not very good.

    I've got some very warm (1900K looking) presets and the red is just absolutely beautiful, but what ruins it the most for me is the strange purplish blue that limits the daytime white. Sure it can look good but it doesn't really wake you up.

    I could listen to bob marley in the morning with the Energize setting (edit and I had three when I did this) and it was actually relaxing, not stimulating like bright sunlight. So I don't use them much and also I lost one. Two outta three ain't bad.

  • I use a single hue bulb and have setup scenes in hueremote on my iphone. I don't have another light source in my room, other than a headlamp I use for reading. It's a pain in the butt to get out my phone just to turn on a light in my room for something quick. Sometimes I'll just use the flashlight function on my phone rather than turn on my hue bulb then turn it off.

  • I have Lifx bulbs but didn't start using them until recently. The SO doesn't want to pull out her phone just to turn the light on, can't say I blame her. But I now have "flic" Bluetooth programmable buttons that work great. @adamlogan

    Anyway, I use their software to turn the bedroom light on slowly in the morning. I would love to see f.lux integrate with it, any plans for that?

  • @Dugie Well, I don't think they will consider using Hue bulbs (they might) but I'll say that looking at the fluxometer, the Hue bulbs miss the blue spectrum quite a bit, it's more purple, and it has less cyan (aqua) than other LED bulbs. This means it's not as effective when waking you up.

    With that said, I set my hue lights to come on around... uh 6:00 A.M., and well, they did the trick. I was so confused as to why it was so bright. I'd wanted to do it slowly, but I couldn't set it up properly. Yeah 1,200 lumens of any light at full brightness will get you out of bed. And I turned that light off, as it was still 6 A.M. and I had no reason to be up that early, and it was very overcast outside. So they work, but the color quality isn't great. I think I had them set to around 3400K or so, not overly white, and in this range, the colors are decent.

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