f.lux causing Lightroom to hang

  • I installed f.lux a week ago on a 2012 MacBook Pro running OS X 10.11 El Capitan. I liked it, but when Lightroom was in the background, it would become unresponsive (beachball only, OS X reported it as not responding). I uninstalled f.lux and the problem stopped.

    I had disabled f.lux for Lightroom (latest CC release, mostly the same as 6.2) so I could get accurate colors for photo editing, which may or may not have been related to the problem. I forgot to check if reversing the Lightroom exception prevented it from hanging before I uninstalled.

    If this were fixed, I'd install f.lux again.

  • @Stephen-Shankland Minor mistake above: I'm using Lightroom CC 2015.3, which corresponds to version 6.3.

  • I can confirm this bug. It is still happening as of today. I am using 2 separate logins on my macbook and if f.lux is running on one account and lightroom in the other, even though f.lux isn't active in the second account, lightroom will still hang/freeze/beachball.

  • This is still happening for me. Is there a way to stop f.lux suspending itself when you use lightroom?

  • Recommend disabling our profile writer here:


  • Does disabling the profile writer solve the problem? This is causing lightroom to be unusable for me.

  • Well I disabled the profile writer and disabled flux for lightroom and so far the Lightroom performance has been without the beach-ball during temperature transition time.

  • So I done what Eleaf done a few days ago, disabled the profile writer and disabled flux for the lightroom app, and since then Lightroom hasn't crashed once.

    So looks like this does indeed fix the issue.
    Thanks herf!

    Wait nevermind, hang twice over the last 24 hours :(

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