Let User set a Custom Envelope

  • Hi trying this program out, and I am finding that it's not as flexible as I expected it to be..

    Really I would like to set my own custom presets..
    So far I've found the "Classic f.lux" setting offering the "best envelope"

    • Though I've since changed that to Custom..

    I would have liked to have had several "custom" banks to select from - not just one.
    The 'Bedtime setting is not flexible enough' - so Ive had to set it to "sunset only"
    Though curiously enough it does not reflect that on screen (bedtime to sunset only) sets screen colour to daytime, until committed, so it's 'preview' is wrong..

    Overall I would like more control over colour temperature and brightness..
    And to have several banks of custom settings available.

    Otherwise yes, it is helpful..

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