removing blue objects from room

  • Should I remove the blue stuff from my room? I have a lot of blue things everything, bedspread and Blue pillow case just as an example. It used to be my favorite color but now I prefer soft orange.

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  • @Marcel-Wolthers Well, what kind of lights are you using? If they are yellow / orange enough, it's not an issue, but you'll probably want to get a color temperature of 2300K or lower on your lights.

    Edit: Also you'll get to keep the blue stuff, and maybe have it help you wake up in the morning--just don't use a blue shade for the windows because light pollution trespass from the street lights needs to be filtered with a darker color. It would be nice if window shades could change color!

    The only LED bulb that I know of that can do this and do it well, is the Philips Warm Glow bulb, that reduces the color temperature near that when you dim it. I've got some ordered, and waiting to find out where they will be shipped from.

    Any incandescent bulb can do this very easily, but as we all know consume a bit more power, but what's 20-40 watts or so? I think they look great, and I have some older styled (not truly old) lights that produce a more yellow tone because of the design.

  • If you want darkness in your room at night, and you have warm orange light, blue things (that don't make light) are just great, they'll reflect even less light into your eyes. ^_^

  • You want to avoid things that emit blue light, not things that reflect it.

  • thanks.
    On the roof I have one 60w incandescent with a dimmer so it will probably be below 2000K.
    as a bed side light I have a 25w bulb dimmed as low as possible that it still emits light and as a bonus I made a cover for the light using yellow paper.

    Also the cfl bulbs wich are rated for 2700K got a thin orange paintjob on them so it is a bit warmer.

    the only problem left is the window shades because they don't fit properly.

  • @Marcel-Wolthers Wow you got the whole setup! You may consider using a string of lights and dim them so you have a bunch of really warm light but enough of it to see well.

  • @timpster yeah.. i even got a cold white wake up light

  • @Marcel-Wolthers Oh that's cool, how much light do you think it puts out? I just got a 200 watt bulb that lasts a really really long time (20+ years) that gets about as bright as a 150 watt bulb. It's decently bright, but of course very yellow still in comparison to the overcast weather I've been getting.

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