When it's overcast outside (dimmer) should the lights be dimmer in morning?

  • @lorna replied to me with a post that @herf wrote about lights that should do the right thing when it's not as bright in the morning, and I'd like to know what that might be. Should they try to match the dimmer light, or be artificially brighter to help wake up?

    I think I'd like the dimmer light, just to keep it more relaxing, but if I was tired, I may brighten the room a notch.

  • in the morning I think BLUE light is great, because it wakes you up and thats what should happen in the morning in my opinion.

  • There's more blue light in the morning sunlight than there is in the evening sunlight. This is due to a mild Blue Shift effect as the sun "rises" to its highest point in our sky, and then there's a mild Red Shift effect as it sets from that point on.

    So, it's more than an opinion; it's what we need.

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