f.lux Feature Suggestions

  • Apologies if this ends up in the wrong section, the post location selection box in the top right would only let me choose f.luxometer, sleep & light, or smart lighting, and said issue has left me quite unsure as to where this post will actually end up. This should be in Mac OS support.

    In any case, I've recently begun using f.lux, and have been thoroughly impressed. It's a very solid, simple, and effective bit of software, and I doubt any of my machines will be without it in the future. That said, a few small annoyances have come to my attention, and as the f.lux team seems extremely responsive on this forum, it seems like requesting a few small additions may not entirely be an exercise in futility like it so often is with larger developers.

    Firstly: the automatic sunset timing has a moderately annoying margin of error caused by seasonal changes, and a small setting in the preferences to manually set the sunset time would greatly improve usability in northern climates. Spending half an hour with one's surroundings looking alarmingly blue (by comparison to the already adjusted display) in sunlight every day becomes irritating in a hurry.

    Secondly: the Backwards Alarm Clock feature sounds brilliant, but its reliance on Notification Center is irritating, considering f.lux's otherwise excellent compatibility with older versions of Mac OS (10.6-10.7). An option to use Growl instead of system notifications would both expand usability for those unable or unwilling to upgrade as well as providing the option to use Growl's extensive notification personalization options on newer systems.

    Thanks in advance for any responses, and apologies if this ends up littering the f.luxometer section.