Philips Hue request; deeper colors, off/on for nights

  • Greetings, and apologies if improvement/suggestion threads aren't popular here. I really like f.lux as it is, and I was so happy to notice it supports Philips Hue, and that it works so flawlessly! I believe the following features would make f.lux the only app one needs to schedule Philips Hue lights.

    • Extended ability to adjust Philips Hue temperature/color for night (right now adjusting screen temperature does not affect Hue temperature below a certain point, I would like a much deeper and less bright ember)
    • Turning Philips Hue lights entirely off at an user determined time after sunset, and back on before sunrise (fade-in/out, of course)
    • Prioritizing: User setting to prioritize f.lux's automated controls, ie. toying around with another app for a while during/close to f.lux's next scheduled event or turn on/turn off perioid won't cancel f.lux's control over Philips Hue. After a user-specified amount of time, f.lux will regain control (if possible, fading in smoothly back to f.lux?). Of course this won't work with simultaneously using several dynamic apps, but would be great not to worry about one scene adjustment canceling everything for hours. Maybe after sunset, option of turning lights off, they will remain turned off until f.lux's sunrise turn-on?
    • Light Groups (which I believe are already in planning, thank you for that)

    And of course, the much discussed manual sunrise/sunset setting in the whole program would be great.

    Thank you for reading, and thank you for the excellent program, Team f.lux!

  • Thanks for the notes - we have a whole lot of this already working. :)

  • Hello @buncat, just bumped in your thread. How can you get to the hue settings pannel in the first place. I am using the Mac app and can't find this at all.

  • @robbertnoordhoek Hue integration is not yet available on Mac.

  • I would really love this feature to be available on Mac!

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