Changing the time intervals for daytime/sunset/bedtime

  • I know you are trying to make f.lux as natural as possible and it is geared towards improving the sleep cycle but I'd appreciate a little bit more control regarding the time intervals for the three temperature zones.

    I primarily use f.lux because I'd like to reduce the perceived screen brightness below the minimum screen brightness setting when working in bed with the lights off. I've needed to set the wake up time earlier than I actually get up, otherwise it would be too bright too late. On the other hand, sunset mode kicks in a bit too early for my taste, which makes me sleepy in the late afternoon.

    Maybe an advanced mode could be enabled where I can drag the intervals back and forth. Maybe enabling this mode should show a warning that changing the time intervals is not recommended and that it will defeat the purpose of having a better sleep.

    If this is not an option for you, maybe it would at least be possible to allow adding extra hours of sleep, which would prolong the bedtime interval and adjust the other intervals accordingly.

    What do you think?

    I'm living in Germany. If I get up at 8am, I would like to have daytime brightness at least until 5pm. After that I'd like sunset until about 9pm, and bedtime afterwards.

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