Flickering on Secondary monitor when selecting text

  • I have a similar issue to anvlkv's.

    When I highlight or select a line or two in a Microsoft Word document or select text on a webpage on my secondary monitor (BenQ GW2765HT) on a Macbook Pro 13" retina display, flux is disabled (and the screen changes color/brightness to what it would look with Flux disabled) when I press/click the mouse/trackpad to select text. It goes back to "Flux enabled" mode when I release the mouse/trackpad press.

    One of my colleagues with the same monitor, but a different Mac, is also experiencing the same issue.

    Would appreciate if you can help resolve this.

  • You have a very nice monitor -- yours gets brighter than the one I will have tomorrow.

    As for this issue when selecting text, I'll have to came back to it, busy at the moment.

  • Alright, I'm done for the day, what type of video hardware are you and the other person using? You can quickly check by clicking the apple logo, and "About this Mac" I've seen that box in screenshots here and that's really nice to have video information there.

  • Have you possibly disabled f.lux for one app and not for the other app? You can open the f.lux menu from the app where it's disabled / enabled and under the Disable section you can set how it should act in that app.

  • @lorna: thanks for your response. I have for an app which is not open when this behavior happens.

    @timpster: thanks, but the monitor isn't very consistent in rendering text well in different apps and I have to often tinker the settings to get back to sharp text rendering.

    As to your other question, I have Intel Iris 1536 MB on my Late 2013 Macbook pro with 2.4 Ghz i5 and my colleague has a Macbook Air, 1.7 Ghz i7, Intel HDGraphics 500.

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