Netflix issues - artifacts in high-brightness areas

  • I'm running f.lux on two different Macs, and on both I get this annoying effect when I'm watching Netflix that causes something similar to digital artifacts in high-brightness parts of the screen. The odd thing is, if I move the pointer, causing the navigation bar to pop up on Netflix, it goes away, at least until the nav bar disappears. Is this a known issue?

  • @jet_atx

    This is a known issue it's been reported several times. They've reported it but, I guess it will take time to get fixed. I'm in the same boat as well and have resorted to using Chrome.

  • I've experienced this also. I believe Netflix uses different format (or plugin) for Safari and Chrome, which is probably the reason.

  • Thanks, guys - I'll d/l Chrome and use it for watching Netflix with f.lux, in that case.


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