Light, late, and other stuff

  • I'm up late occasionally for exams, and around 1am or so, my nose will always start to run. I assumed it had something to do with being tired (I have no allergies), but I read in a few posts (mostly discussion boards) that it could do with using a computer screen. Has anyone seen research, or at least a scientific explanation why this would be?
    I should note that I normally turn f.lux off when working THIS late, I kinda want to stay awake and alert... So I haven't really tested whether f.lux affects nose running.

  • @Daniel-AndAshley-Loveland When you're studying exams, it's very counter-productive to stay up late. When you do that, you won't sleep as well and you also won't remember as much. When you're tired, you're tired, just go to sleep. Especially at 1 a.m.

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