Disable "Disable for [app]" for an hour

  • Could it be possible to have the "Disable for [app]" temporarily be disabled – so I wouldn't need to remember turn it back on if I temporarily uncheck that option for an app?

    When working in Lightroom I'm using "Disable for Lightroom" to keep the colors accurate even if the sun has gone down. Well, sun goes down early in Finland during winter and sometimes I'm opening Lightroom just to browse and rate photos, not to work color sensitive issues on them and I'd like to keep the alarming lights away even if I am opening Lightroom.

    I can of course uncheck that "Disable for Lightroom" and have the screen as I want but then I have to remember to turn that option back on or else next time I'm working on Lightroom not realizing I'm having f.lux affecting the colors. So, having an option to temporarily disable (for and hour, maybe?) that "Disable for Lightroom" would help me not to make a big error as I wouldn't need to remember turn anything back on.

    It's a bit tricky to explain but there you go.

  • I see what you mean, but I think we're unlikely to see a temporary "disable disable" option. Why not just set a timer to remind yourself to turn it back on? I highly recommend the wonderful - and free - "Pester": http://sabi.net/nriley/software/

  • Thanks, I will check it out and I understand I might be asking crazy things.

  • We added the "options > dim on disable" option for something like this - it tries to match the amount of blue light by dimming quite a lot.

    I think I'm going to add a preset for the next f.lux for people far from the equator.

    Current guess is that the sunset setting should be more mild (like 4500K or 5000K) and then we can rely more on the "bedtime" setting to avoid light before bed.

    Love to hear any feedback of how this would work for you.

  • "Dim on disable" doesn't work on my external monitor, so I don't really have an opinion about it.

    I'll add some feedback about the preset idea to the "dark North mode" thread.

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