Feature suggestion: colour temperature profiles for use at home & work

  • At my workplace unfortunately we don't get much outdoor lighting. There's constant artificial lighting. A carry a laptop computer to work every day, so I am forced to use the same settings at home and at work.

    I would like to match the colour temperature to the ambient lighting at work as my usual daytime setting is too cold for it and my usual sunset setting is too warm. It would be nice to have two profiles, one for home and one for work, so I can easily switch between them in a few clicks.

  • @Szabolcs-Horvát You may want to consider also installing a small lamp with a warm white bulb to help a bit. Maybe even turn off those terrible fluorescent lights because nobody uses the good kind. You can see the low quality in the fluxometer in the lights section.

  • @timpster We don't always get the luxury to choose the lights in the room. It's a shared office.

  • @Szabolcs-Horvát Well talk to your co-workers and see if they would be interesting in using incandescent lamp lights as well. If they agree, get a safe ladder, and figure out how to unscrew the fluorescent lights about you and your co-workers areas.

    Let me know how that works out!

  • Love this idea.

    Have been thinking recently about how to do this based on different rooms in your house, which is a lot harder. But if you're changing wifi access points it should be easy to notice!

  • Thanks for the response! I was thinking of changing "profiles" manually when I go to work or return home, but if it can be done automatically, that would be quite amazing :)

    You probably know about ControlPlane. It's a small app that sits in the menu bar, detects the location based on various factors (WiFi, time of day, network environment, location service, attached peripherals, etc., it's configurable), and can execute custom actions when changing locations ("contexts" as it calls them).

    A simpler solution would be for flux to only add support for profiles, but not for automatically switching between them. Instead, it could provide some way to hook up ControlPlane to flux (run shell command, AppleScript, etc.), then ControlPlane can take care of the profile switching.

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