Does not adapt when changing time zones.

  • Does not adapt when changing time zones. Went from New York to Hong Kong, Mac OS X updated its clock and time zone but Flux is still diming based on New York Time.

  • Thanks - all the automatic ways we have to find location timeout after a day, so we have to prompt you again to set it.

    It's pretty clear that a big change in timezone should probably ask you to set it again. (What's harder is to detect travel when the timezone doesn't change.)

  • Why aren't events just tied to the system clock? I don't see why knowing the location matters, the OS should take care of updating the clock.

  • In any case, I'm a really happy user of flux! It would just be great if I could also use it when traveling :) Keep up the good work!

  • f.lux in 2008 defaulted to "naval time zones" - basically the idea that local time corresponds in some way to sunrise/sunset (each timezone is roughly 15 degrees on the map).

    We learned about how badly this worked -- e.g., all of China has one timezone, and longitude does not really describe latitude at all, so if you have users in Southern Australia and also in Finland, you can't get it right unless you actually find their location, or at least approximately.

    I think the right solution for most of these cases is some kind of prompt that you've changed timezone (so you should set your location again) but I hate these kinds of things, so I avoid it. We could make this automatic in some cases, but in others it would be a pretty big interruption. e.g., what do you want to do when you're on a plane and flying over 4 timezones? How often should f.lux demand to be setup again? That kind of thing...

  • So, I'll chime in here...

    Perhaps f.lux needs a traveller mode? I have the same problem as some others -- I travel a pretty significant amount, and I find that my light settings are always off on the road, particularly with frequent travels back and forth to Europe. They're always left behind to my home, and I have to remember to update my location.

    I agree that too many prompts is bad for most, but for some of us, I need it to be smarter and I'm alright with it interacting me a bit more to get it. This could be a mode -- a traveler mode, perhaps -- that you enable on mobile devices. My desktop, for instance, I leave alone, but my laptop I put into traveler mode.

    I suspect this can be tied to the system clock's changes, in that the clock also reports a location change. (I have WeatherMin, which also does this -- it changes location and adjusts the information).

    You're right about flights, but most in-flight wi-fi doesn't actually return a proper location anyway.

    Be very helpful to get this change.

  • Yes probably the right idea is to detect when you're on a new wireless network (sort of a "light" version of geolocation, all local) and prompt you to do the full setup then. Then you'd only get one prompt while on the plane at least. :)

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