if you thought 337 nits was high...

  • http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/hp_zr2740w.htm

    Go to "contrast stability" and look at the chart with the red line. The only thing stopping me is the higher res but I can easily set DPI in windows 7 to 200% to get back down to a more readable 720p without losing any detail (no interpolation!)

    @f-lux-team what do you think? Should I buy it in the future for around $300 and use it outside?

  • f.lux team

    There will still be a lot of glare outside. fwiw: Sharp has some panels that go to 1200 cd/m2, and there are some new HDR TVs that go quite a bit higher. And then there's always outdoor signage, if you want your own personal billboard. :)

  • Oh thanks, I'll have a look! My phone gets up to 660 nits, but well, it's not 27". Also I have a laptop that gets quite bright, maybe 400+ nits, but it's glossy so well, mirror. About how bright do you think I would need indoor lights to have a matching brightness to this monitor? So far 1,200 lumens isn't enough for my CCFL 24" monitor I use currently (the new one will arrive soon).

  • @herf can I get a rainbow style color spectrum chart from a spectrometer for a computer display? If so what brands will allow me to see that style info?

    I want to find those 1,000+ nit screens and balance the LED backlight with the color output to just about perfectly match the spectrum of direct sunlight! Think it can be done?

  • Spectrometers that work along with computer are able to measure all the wavelengths around the visible spectrum and then a computer application makes a nice graph from the data taken. Mostly it is attached, device and pc app, when you buy it.

  • Cool so all that comes with it with most of them, awesome.

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