El Capitan automatic brightness still flickering even after flux uninstall

  • On El Capitan Flux was making the display flicker. The colors would get darker and lighter. I moved the Flux app to trash along with the preference file and it is still happening. How can I fix the issue caused by f.lux to get my auto brightness working again?

  • Did you quit f.lux first? Sounds like it might still be running. You can disable your autobrightness, check Activity Monitor for a leftover f.lux process and force quit it, and then restart your computer. Then either re-enable autobrightness if that's what you want, or if you decide to re-install f.lux leave autobrightness off.

  • I quit the flux and then deleted it, emptied trash and then restarted the computer. I will probably not be reinstalling f.lux until the auto brightness compatibility is back as I rely on it a lot. But the flickering is still bothering me. Is there any other preference file or something that f.lux creates that I can delete to fix it.

    ps: it goes away if I turn off auto brightness. But like I said, I need to keep it on.

  • El Capitan is changing a lot of things now when you turn on auto-brightness. It's a completely new feature with an old name. This is not our fault! In some versions, we have seen it ignore recently-installed color profiles and other stuff like that.

    Google around for "ambient light compensation" (it was a separate checkbox during the beta).

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