Should i use f.lux at night since i have CFL bulbs and so the colour is white

  • My whole room colour is white but when i switch flux my laptop screen gets yellow, what to do

  • So, what's your goal with using f.lux? Do you want to have less alerting light at night because you're going to sleep soon? If your room is bright white, it might be too bright for night time anyway. Most sleep experts recommend warm, dim lights before sleeping.

  • @Jeremy-Charms said:

    My whole room colour is white but when i switch flux my laptop screen gets yellow, what to do

    My solution is, stop using those CFL lights and get the warmest lighting you can find. I also recommend that you get red LED lights for swapping out every night (or at least orange...).

    Here's what I do:

    The only sources of light in my room that I use are two floor lamps (I have a super bright ceiling fan light that I use when I need it). The light sockets are at shoulder-height for me. I use the SWITCH brand 3-Way lights in these. When I'm about an hour away from "f.lux time", I turn these lights down to their lowest setting. This simultaneously allows them to cool down to a safe-to-touch temperature (the heatsinks get so hot that it would burn human skin almost instantly), and it helps me begin to relax.

    After I know they're relatively cool to the touch, I unscrew them and put in my red FEIT LED lights:

    These things are PURE red. They're a bit on the bright side though. If I close my eyes with both of these on and then alternate between "relaxed closed" and "super tight squeezed squint-closed", the difference in brightness coming through my eyelids is about the same as having my SWITCH 3-WAYs on at their highest setting: the 75W equivalent setting.

    Still, with the pure red color, I can set f.lux to 1200K, dim my monitor to about 10% brightness, and begin the process of becoming completely ready to go to sleep. It takes an hour or two, but it works beautifully.

    I've been doing this every single night for the past 4 months, and I LOVE it!! You would think that a person would get sick of unscrewing two lights and screwing in two different ones every single freakin' night, but I don't even think twice about it because my REASON for doing it makes me enjoy doing it.

    Oh, one last thing: when I have maybe 30-45 minutes left before I want to get into bed, I turn off just one of the two floor lamps so that I only have one red FEIT LED light on. That is, I turn off the lamp that's closest to me while I'm sitting at my computer. That's because the lamp is so close to me that if I extend my right arm straight out to my right, the stem/pole of the floor lamp lines up with my wrist! That's a high Lumens level! So yeah, that light is the first to go off. Then when I'm ready, I turn off my computer, get into bed, lay down, and then I reach out from under my covers and turn off the 2nd floor lamp.

    So yeah, I strongly and sincerely recommend that you try to achieve something like this. I wish that I had started doing this YEARS ago. It's never too late to start good and healthy habits though!

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