Color tint difference between machines, iMac leans on yellow too much

  • I can see a very noticeable color tint difference between two machines, both running the same version of flux and os x. iMac is a lot more yellow and MacBook Pro is a lot more orange. I'm trying to understand what is going wrong with the iMac and if it's possible to address this without buying a $200 hardware monitor calibrator. Also I think to remember the color tint was more correct in the past so something may have changed along the way but I have no idea what.

    Any of you had the same experience?

  • @tclementdev You probably don't have the model from 2009 (which is listed in the fluxometer, weighing in at ~7440K. click here to see the graph. The iMac (27") looks like this, click

    You can also choose what settings you use, and see the color differences there!

  • This is a 2010 iMac (27"), iMac11,3.

    I actually just made a huge discovery: when I open the flux preferences and click the "Bedtime" control, it goes super orange like it used to do, like it should :) How come this is not what I'm getting at bed time?

  • f.lux team

    What's your wake time set to on each machine? are you using Recommended colors or a custom set up?
    this might be helpful:

  • I'm using the same wake time on both machines and the same default settings (recommended colors).

    Now I'm not so sure about my previous comment and the "bedtime" control producing different results, I think my eyes were just not used to the quick change. The difference is still noticeable between the two machines so there is still something wrong going on.

  • f.lux team

    Is there any chance they might have slightly different locations?

    Like one is using wifi and the other isn't?

    Just wondering because you said they look similar at 1900k.

  • They look different at 1900K, not similar.

  • f.lux team

    @tclementdev then I am back to bad calibrations. (Apple is usually more consistent than this.)

  • f.lux team

    Actually 2010 might have had a CCFL backlight. And these turn warmer over time (our 2008 iMac is super orange). LEDs are much more stable.

    If you want good color from a 2010 Mac you have to calibrate.

    You can also try this if you don't have a hardware calibrator:

  • That's interesting, thanks! Mine actually seems to turn less warm (more yellow, less orange). I have created a bunch of calibrated profiles via the ColorSync Utility, I will try them out tonight and post the results here.

  • Quick update: some of the profiles I have created do seem to provide a slightly more orange tone, so nothing radical but still welcome. It is very annoying and difficult to compare as every time I change the profile there is a one-second delay in-between the change where the display goes back to full 'blue' light.

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