Share some Philips HUE scenes?

  • I've understood that the Windows version of f.lux has Philips HUE support and that there are some technical reasons why it's not on OSX yet.

    HUE has "scenes" which are basically just a colour setting that can be shared with others, and they can also be used by the HUE app as alarms (with fading). I'm hoping the f.lux team or anyone else could share some scenes that we could use to improve our sleep in the meantime.

    Personally I'd like to see:

    1. A morning scene to wake me up
    2. An evening scene to make me tired
    3. A day scene to keep me awake

    Here's an example of a "scene" (you don't have to log in, just scroll down):

  • This is a neat request - we are spending a lot of time trying to understand what the right settings are for each of these times (and also how to help people pick and choose based on their needs). We will be releasing for OSX soon, lot going on around here this week as you can imagine....

  • @lorna Stayin busy! I like it! Don't work too hard though, and maybe you're familiar with the 20-20-20 rule? There's a few apps for that, like work rave!

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