Re-enable option?

  • I use the "disable" menu option fairly often when I'm shopping online because f.lux does make it hard to distinguish darker colors or really tell what color, say, a garment is. The problem is that it gets disabled for an hour but I usually want to turn it back on within five minutes, and if I do this later at night, it never comes back on. I'd like a way to simply toggle it on and off separate from the sunset/sunrise settings.

  • If you choose "disable for an hour" again it will toggle. You can also adjust the sliders under the Preferences menu.

  • Yes, I wish it weren't in a sub-menu (we ran out of room so we did it this way).

    It would be better if the checkbox were visible on the first level.

    Also, we thought about making the notifier stick around for a lot longer time (like 2 minutes) but that just got annoying.

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