Secondary monitor filter blink

  • I'm using f.lux on iMac (27-inch, Mid 2011) OS X 10.10.4 and I have my secondary monitor connected. And I can notice from time to time that it turns back in blue light, while primary having nice temperature all the time. That is a kind of scary feeling I have all the time when it blinks:)
    Any Ideas how to fix?

  • What's your second monitor? Also - there was a graphics card recall for some 2011 iMacs, there's a good chance the flashing is related to that. The affected card was AMD Radeon HD 6970M:

  • My secondary monitor is EA231WMi NEC. And yes I have AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB, but I don't have the described "distorted, white or blue with vertical lines, or to turn black". I think if this comes from video card, shouldn't it affect both displays?

  • I think reboot fixed it, or probably some app was causing this.

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