Yeelight products

  • Has anyone used the Yeelight product line (Yeelight Blue II or Yeelight Bedside Lamp) as a circadian light?

    They seem pretty reasonably priced and claim adjustable color temperature and brightness, as well as 16 million possible colors. However doesn't look like there's any way to automatically control them to change color throughout the day.

  • @helloha I recently purchased one such lamp. It has the ability to shine in different colors. It can be programmed for any modes. I put the automatic inclusion of different modes during the day. It will be in the morning, increasing the brightness and changing the color from red to bright with a temperature of 6000K for 30 minutes. (done with the setting, when the color changes every 3 minutes). In the evening, I programmed it to lower the brightness and go into more yellow tints. It requires a connection to the Internet. I am glad that you do not need to keep the connection with the phone permanent. It is managed from the server via the Internet. I think to buy more ..

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