Is f.lux influenced by the camera?

  • I'm using f.lux on my macbook.

    I found something very strange (and kind of creepy).

    Sometimes my screen is blinking "turning f.lux on and off". When I move.
    I noticed: when there is a bright light on my macbook's camera, f.lux turns off! If it is not bright, it turns on.

    Now, the creepiest thing is, the macbook's camera doesn't show the green "turned on" light.

    This is definitely not a coincidence. It really happens when light is on the camera. Putting my finger on the camera disables f.lux.

    Why is this happening? This is so strange..

  • @Kevin-Van-Ryckegem I think it's the new "ambient light sensor" and this causes issues with f.lux even during the day.

  • I didn't know Macbook had this!
    Turning off the automatic brightness option in the screen settings fixed it!

    Thanks for the info, appreciated!

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