Set bedtime to 4500k

  • Hi, i'm looking to set bedtime to 4500k, but it seems it won't go that far up.
    Or I would like to change bedtime duration, to let's say, 1mn so the "daytime" and "sunset" will occupy most of the 24 hours because they can be set to 4500k.

    Anyway to do this ?

  • Hey Brakkar, by our numbers that color temperature is enough to probably interfere with sleep on almost every device, so it's not offered. If you wanted something warmer 24/7 you might check to see if you can set your monitor white point.

  • You can also disable bedtime mode by pulling it all the way to the right (or choosing "classic f.lux" in the menu).

    Above 3400K, we just turn off the mode entirely.

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