Update has changed things

  • I haven't updated the app since I got it but I saw there was an update so I did.
    Now, it's not working the same. It used to go fairly yellow/orange which I liked but now it seems to have way more brightness to it and I can't seem to figure out how to fix it.

    When I change the "nighttime" settings to the lowest possible colour, then close, it reverts back to the way it was. My location is correct and the sun has definitely set.


  • The update has a lot of custom options for circadian timing. We change the screen at sunset but try to let you have a little more light later, then when it's time for your body to begin making melatonin, we try to remove the alerting colors of light. You can read about the update here: https://justgetflux.com/news/pages/macquickstart/
    And if you want it to go back the old way, you can choose Classic f.lux in the preferences menu (instructions in the quickstart guide)

  • oh okay I think I've got it now.. thank you!

  • Yes the old build with two sliders was updated around March 2014.

    The new UI shows only one slider to adjust "what you're seeing now" and you have to use the tabs to preview "what you'll see later".

    As soon as we got three sliders in the UI it looked like an airplane cockpit, so we trimmed it back for the v30 launch. I never liked the tab treatment that much but we did it this way to make it less overwhelming.

  • @herf I'm new to F.lux and find the tabs very understandable. I wish there were also the ability to add/delete/import/export (and reset to default) new color options in the pull down menu.

    I've only used F.lux a short time, and I 've been falling asleep faster since I started using it. I don't know if it's the plaebo effect, but something is working. So I applaud the F.lux team for the this invaluable control panel.

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