Greater control over scheduling

  • I'd like to see better control over flux's activation hours are. I have a varied routine during the week and, at weekends, don't always go to bed or rise at the same time on each day - surely this is not uncommon? I'd like to see two (hopefully) relatively simple features:

    1. A full weekly schedule option with times for each day, or ranges, of when you normally get up.
    2. A drop down menu or other quick/easy mechanism for 'tomorrow I get up at'. This could have dynamic options with, perhaps, 2 or 3 hours either side of the previously set time available for quick selection.

    At the moment, if my routine changes or other factors intervene, I'm having to change the programmed default wake time for the whole program. The 'sleep in at weekends' option doesn't give the right level of control. The couple of features/options described would give better control and enable quick tweaking on a daily basis to better control things.

    Thoughts & opinions?

  • Yes, that would be great. Maybe some day we will get it :)

  • @d675 If you're using a Mac, you can always set your wake time for the next morning. f.lux works the way it does based on the human circadian clock which needs a strong and regular light / dark schedule. We know the whole world doesn't have that luxury, and we are exploring ways to help people with less regular schedules. Thanks for your feature requests.

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