Feature requests: manual day/night lengths; keyboard shortcuts; disable for external screen

  • I absolutely love f.lux - it’s one of those few things that has made a genuine difference to my life. I can’t overstate the positive ripple effect of once again being able to sleep properly thanks to your software!

    I’d like to make some suggestions for future improvements if I may. I’m on Mac OS.

    1. It’d be nice to be able to manually adjust the night/day length in Preferences. While I realise f.lux has been designed to follow natural circadian rhythms based on natural daylight hours, in Northern Europe especially winter nights are long. During winter, I prefer to artificially induce a more summery circadian rhythm as otherwise I struggle to get things done - and this doesn’t do any harm as winter darkness hours are so long that I still get plenty of sleep.

    2. Keyboard shortcuts to disable/enable f.lux and activate movie mode would be nice.

    3. I often use my Macbook as a TV source; a function to automatically disable f.lux for external screens would be great.

    4. A minor thing - your FAQ seems a bit out of date, and unless I'm mistaken refers to features you’re working on you’ve now implemented (ie disabling per app).

    Thanks for developing this app and all the positive effects it’s had on people’s lives! I’d happily pay a contribution to keep it going but can’t find any option for doing so.

  • Hey Feanor,

    the creators of flux are very busy so be patient they usually reply but it takes a while :-)

    Regarding your first point: they would like to keep flux simple, but the possibility to manually adjust the bedtimes etc. has been requested many times (i would love to manually set the times as well) so I am sure it will be integrated some time in the future :-)

  • Thanks!

    Thinking about it though, I really don't understand the "{time} is when I wake up" option. I get that the devs what to keep f.lux simple, but seems to be anything but to me. After a fair bit of fiddling around I've found that it doesn't affect sleep time, just wake time - but I don't mind whether my screen goes into day mode at 0600 or 0700 as I won't look at it until I wake up, whatever time that might be. And if I wake up an hour early and go on the internet I'm hardly going to get back to sleep before my alarm goes off.

    If f.lux's wakeup time affected its sleep time then I'd understand it - after all, you generally want to base bedtime on when you need to get up in the morning. The current option seems a bit half-basked as those whose routines or shifts don't match the sun need to be exposed to bright light during their waking hours to help their circadian rhythm match their shifts.

    It seems strange to give us the option to set wakeup time but not the option to give us sleep time, which would seem much more important to me. I mean, f.lux is already going into evening mode before 19:00 now and with my bedtime not being for another 4 hours or more that's just too early for me. I find the lack of light in winter makes me overly sleepy as it is, I don't want to make it worse!

  • @glueht I would like to second @Feanor 's request to disable when connected to an external monitor. My macbook connected to my TV is my main source of home entertainment, and I never want the TV colour adjusted when I'm watching movies/shows.

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