Permanent movie mode

  • Is there a way to always use movie mode instead of just for a while when selecting it? The use case is for a media center computer.

  • A while? This mode lasts 2 1/2 hours.

  • What would be the point of having f.lux installed if you're only going to use Movie Mode? It's almost the same as having f.lux completely disabled.

  • a simple on/off switch would be nice. or at least a longer movie mode. i've had to turn it back on mid-movie/show a few times now & it gets to be a drag after a while, especially when watching with other ppl

  • Until the new version comes out (if it even has improvements in this area), just exit f.lux and then open it back up when you're done with f.lux. Or, just switch it to 6500K until you're done.

  • ya that works. movie mode is really cool though & i use it when gaming as well. love flux, devs have done a great job

  • This post is deleted!

  • Movie mode is definitely not almost the same as having f.lux disabled, or set to 6500K. I think it's basically 4000K but a little brighter overall. It's very close to the 4100-4200K setting. You have to look very hard to see any difference. If you set your Daytime and Sunset to 4100K, and Bedtime all the way up to Sunset Only, that should be close enough for "permanent movie mode".

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