"Disable for app" function with a delay

  • I use "disable for app" for watching videos with VLC and I encountered a small annoyance. Sometimes I watch a video but don't want flux to be disabled, so I just have an other app in focus. When I put VLC in focus now (to change the volume, the video etc.) flux instantaneously shuts down and my eyes get grilled by white light.

    If no other way exists, could you add an option to have a slight delay before the "disable for app" feature kicks in? Like 30 sec or a minute?

    Thanks for the good work

  • Try Dim on Disable option and see if you like it. Is your transition instant? It should be a little slow.

  • We kinda designed this for Photoshop users, who don't want a 30 second delay when they activate.

    Probably we should do automatic movie triggers where more gradual changes are what you want anyway!

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