Philips Dimtone (warmer dimming)

  • Do you have any experience with the Philips Dimtone lights? Do they get satisfactorily warmer as the dim?

    I'm thinking about getting a few, but it's a bit hard to find the A19 and not the downlights, and wanted you know your thoughts... also, fluxometer addition would be super awesome!

  • It has gotten much easier to find Philips "warm glow" or warm dimming lights, on the Internet now. I actually used a cool feature on Amazon that says you can suggest a product, and I told them about these lights. The next day, I started seeing them listed -- amazing!

  • I have both and Dimtone seems to be the Europe (or maybe hospitality?) brand.
    "Warm Glow" is priced very well and works well - we have some in our kitchen.

  • Awesome! I'm going to purchase a few in the future (very near future). Will they dim properly with the plug in wall dimmers from Lutron?

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