Feature request: alt + end is nice, but how about alt + end + something for each monitor separately/independently?

  • Hey there,

    would it be possible to bind some shortcuts for f.lux, so I could turn off only one monitor out of 2 - 3? Because right click on the flux and selecting monitor there is super inconvenient. I use turn on/off feature a LOT. E.g. when I work my f.lux is constantly on, but when I want to play game, show Teams presentation, watch video on a gaming site, YouTube or simply chill at porn, I always hit the f.lux off.

    Alt + end works, fine, but it makes my secondary and/or tertiary monitor to shine like a welding machine, which is not great [nor terrible].

    Would this be possible? I can send some cash to provide an incentive for development of this feature,

    thank You for considering my idea!

    With kind regards


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