How to make my color selections never ever change?

  • How to make my color selections never ever change? I don't want the colors to change because of the time of day nor for my location. It needs to be fixed 24/7. The lighting in my room doesn't change much.
    I just did the adjust all colors at once now. I hope it sticks. Also, why don't all the 3 circles move together if I chose 'Adjust All Colors at Once' !?

    I am using the computer and then suddenly the Flux colors change which I find very annoying because I have to manually change them and I don't remember what my optimal settings were. Using version 4.47.

  • You did what you needed to do.

    The reason why all 3 don't move together is simple: that settings panel is for being able to adjust all 3 of the colors in one place. It's giving you the ability to adjust any of the 3. Your confusion comes from the fact that you went into that panel with the goal of adjusting all 3 to the same color.

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