Dark mode at Sunset not working - Microsoft Store

  • Hello,

    I installed the latest f.lux version on my Windows 21H2 system via Microsoft App Store. Everything works fine, except the "Use Dark mode at Sunset" feature.

    When enabling it, the application sets a checkmark to tell me it is enabled.
    Sadly, the dark mode is never showing up, when checking my settings the app mode is still set to the light theme. Enabling and disabling the feature multiple times didn't help.

    Is this a known restriction to the app store version or a bug in the latest 4.120 release? I would really like to stick with the appstore version, because I love the auto update functionality via Windows Store.

  • I expect this is due to the App Store sandbox - unfortunately it is <1% of our users so we do not test as much there.

    There is a new system that will replace the MS Store with our main version in the future, so we probably will not have these "different" bugs in the future. I would recommend trying the version from our website: https://justgetflux.com/

  • Thanks a lot, just tried it with the Win32 application and this one works with dark mode.

    I still prefer the Windows Store version by far, since it's running in a sandbox which makes it more secure in my eyes. It also doesn't add registry entries to the system.

    Will the app store version get completely removed or could you further elaborate what you mean with "a new system that will replace the MS Store"?

    Love this app, keep up the great work!

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