Another effect mode like vignette mode?

  • Hello, F.lux offers also an effects mode, i.e. a cool vignette mode. How does it work, is it a shader? Is it possible to add another mode to imitate crt bulge?
    And maybe a vhs mode so that from time to time there would be a screen distortion?

  • I'm a very long-time user of f.lux.

    What you're asking for here would be outside the scope of what f.lux is about and what it's for. Vignette mode is a way to further reduce the light being emitted by the display by darkening the edges while maintaining the ability to see the content you're looking at so that you don't have to deal with reducing the display brightness so dim that text is hard to read just so that you can reduce the light being emitted by the display. Vignette Mode helps quite a bit with this.

    So say I'm getting ready to go to sleep. I have my smart lights set to red, they're dim, I have f.lux set to 800K, my monitor brightness is set to a low brightness but still rather bright for text readability. Eventually, I reach a point where I want to reduce my display's brightness even further but doing so would sacrifice text readability. This is where Vignette Mode comes in for me. I enable it and it has a similar effect of setting my display brightness even lower but without having any effect on text readability.

    So, f.lux is for having some measure of control over the effect the display has on the melatonin production and even eyestrain. Fun effects like something that might emulate the appearance of a CRT monitor and a VHS tape are types of things that aren't within the scope of what f.lux is for and is all about - assuming it's even possible and/or easy without extensive and difficult bug testing and compatibility testing and to see how system performance is affected, etc.

  • We are not totally opposed to fun! But nice explanation of the feature!

    I think the main question here is that we are trying to do things that seem like they will still work in 5 years, and a lot of the ways to hack into the system to do things like this seem to get limited more over time.

    FWIW, I think even our mission of helping sleep can be served by doing things that are more behavioral and less physiological - e.g., if we make a change that convinces you to look up and realize you are tired, it may be just as effective as dimming the screen.

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