can't wake up from dim display

  • I have f.lux version 4.120 running on laptop Windows 11. when f.lux active and set timer on power plan 'turn off the display'(dim display) my screen dim and i can't wake up the screen if i let the laptop long enough.the led notification lit up a sign that the laptop is still on. my input control like touchpad, mouse and keyboard didnt working at all, i need to force shutdown by pressing power button. but it seem normal when i disabled f.lux. i have started with pretty decent version of f.lux on Windows 10 and have exact same problem too. i think my os have problem before but now i know the problm from. i have set power plan properly and normal when disabling f.lux. any thought?

  • You can post f.lux options > driver info here if you'd like us to make a guess. This sounds like a power management issue, or maybe a video driver issue.

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