Disable f.lux is enabled/disabled popup banner completely?

  • Whenever I need to take a screenshot, I need to first disable f.lux in order to remove that yellow tint on the screen. Otherwise, my screenshot will look terrible.

    The quick way to disable f.lux temporarily is to use use Alt+End. When you trigger that, you'll either get a "f.lux is disabled/enabled" message. If you don't click that popup banner to dismiss it, then that will be included in the screenshot.

    My question is, is there a way to disable that popup f.lux banner completely, maybe from a registry key?

  • @chaoscreater Furthermore, is it possible to make 2 different hotkeys to trigger "disable flux" and "enable flux" individually? If I can trigger them individually without using the same hotkey (ALT+END currently), then I can script something to 100% turn on or turn off flux, before taking a screenshot.

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