Notifications steal keyboard focus

  • I really like both flux and the you're waking up in x hrs notifications.

    When the notifications show keyboard focus is removed from the current application. I type a lot and quite fast. It is very annoying to lose a few words and become interrupted (instead of simply reminded) every half hour because of this problem.

    Why doesn't flux use native windows notifications? They already solve this problem just fine, or at least I don't have this issue with any other application.

    Two previous threads complain about this issue. 1 2

  • Hi - we have only noticed the issue on window create. That is, they should only steal focus one time.

    There are a few reasons we draw our own right now:

    1. We support Windows 7 (though this is less an issue over time)
    2. We draw animated results in the notifiers (for instance, while dimming)
    3. The interaction with native code and windows "modern" notifiers was a bit difficult when we wrote this (they live in two separate universes, or did at the time). For instance, at one point we were registered as a new "app" on every launch, and we filled up the SQL database Windows uses for managing notifiers with thousands of entries, all named "f.lux" - that was pretty upsetting for our beta testers.

    #3 was the immediate reason we took this out but it is probably easier to make it work right now.

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