Screen share on MS Teams looks very yellow

  • Here is my issue. I use f.lux 4.120 on Windows 10 latest patches.
    Whenever I do a screen share on MS Teams, the counter part tells me that my screen looks very yellow. Definitely f.lux is the cause, because if I turn f.lux off for 1 hour, the counter part says that my screen looks OK again, no more yellow color.

    When I look at my own monitors, I can see that the filter is on, but I would not say that the monitors are as yellow as the other person on MS Teams describes.

    On Teams, when I look at the window preview (to select the monitor to share), the preview looks indeed very yellow.

    I wonder if this is a side effect?

    If it matters, I have 1 laptop with 3 monitors:

    Monitor 2 to the left, desktop is extended to this display
    Monitor 4 in the middle, main display, desktop is extended to this display
    Monitor 3 to the right, desktop is extended to this display
    Monitor 1 is my laptop screen, it is disconnected

    Refresh rates are 60 Hz for all external monitors.

    This is very odd, and everytime I share on Teams (which is several hours per day) I have to disable f.lux, which defeats the point of having such software in the first place.

  • Usually this is due to a USB-connected monitor that doesn't support color transforms, so f.lux is emulating them using the GPU. If you would like to post f.lux options > driver info, we may be able to help.

    If they are all DisplayLink adapters, this article should help:

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