Software Mouse Mode doesn't reset after a game changes the cursor

  • I need to use "Software Mouse Mode" in order to avoid the "bright blue-white mouse" issue. In general usage that works perfectly :D

    However, whenever I play a game which provides its own cursor, then after I close the game the blue-white cursor is back, and I have to disable and then re-enable f.lux's software mouse cursor to fix it.

    I assume that's what's happening is that "software Mouse Mode" is telling windows to use f.lux's cursor instead of the default one, and that the game then overrides that settings telling Windows to use <game>'s cursor. And then when the game quits, it tells Windows to go back to using the default cursor (rather than returning to f.lux's cursor)?

    Please can we either get a bug fix for this or make "toggle Software Mouse Mode off and on to reset after a game" be a command that's quicker to get to? Either a short-cut sequence, or have it available in the Task-Tray context menu?

    (For the bug fix, presumably you can't tell Windows to change what the default cursor is, so ... is there a Windows event to detect when the cursor has been changed? You could subscribe to that event and then when the cursor is reverted back to "default" you can set it back to f.lux's cursor?)


  • For reference, I've observed this issue on HollowKnight, and on MTG Arena. But I suspect that it'll apply in any game which overrides the default mouse cursor, and then resets it on close?

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