f.lux not working correctly anymore

  • I have f.lux version 4.119 running on Windows 10. It's on an older computer, started with an older version of f.lux on Windows 7, but things have been updated, and it was all working properly until recently when I changed some settings.

    I had temporarily changed my "earliest wake time" setting, and then noticed I couldn't change it back to what it was before. It's always been set at 6:20 a.m., but when I adjust it with the newer version of the software, it only lets me set it in 15 minute increments. This is already an annoyance, since I want it to stay at 6:20. I went into the registry and edited the value to make it 6:20 again. Just now I realized it says 6:15 again. Probably because I was playing with settings again trying to get f.lux to work.

    The main problem now is when I turn on my computer very early in the morning, the screen color doesn't change to a redder color, it stays the default color temperature and it's very annoying. I either turn the computer back off and do something else, or just deal with it and try not to put anything white up on the screen. Then, less than an hour before the screen is supposed to start transitioning to its daytime colors, it suddenly abruptly shifts to the warmer night-time color that it should have had to start with. It shouldn't shift abruptly anyway, I thought I had set it to shift gradually, and indeed it does shift gradually back to daytime colors at my wake time.

    I don't know if f.lux works properly when I work late at night. I haven't noticed it.

    This morning, I started reading things on the computer early, and the screen seemed too blue, but I just kept using it, and eventually, at 5:39 a.m., the screen abruptly shifted to a redder color ( the night-time color that it should have had at all night-time hours). Now, as I finish typing this, it is 6:08 a.m. and the screen is gradually shifting to daytime colors.

    One other problem I had: once, recently, I went into f.lux and activated the "test" button, and it wasn't any kind of normal test! The screen went all crazy, flickering all different colors so abruptly I was worried that it was going to damage my monitors, and I had to quickly quit f.lux to stop it.

  • OP here again: I didn't mention that I have two monitors, if that is relevant. f.lux seems to affect them both the same way, but I'm not completely certain of that.

    Also, I just verified that Windows Night Light is turned off. The screen briefly flashed bluer when I went into that screen in Windows Settings.

  • If nobody else is having this problem, maybe it's just some other software interfering with the proper operation. I mentioned this is an older computer; in fact I'm pretty sure it's 13 or 14 years old now. It was my wife's computer and she's a gamer, so it had high specifications for the time. She ran Windows XP on it for years before its end of support, then upgraded to Windows 7, then to Windows 10 when support ended for 7. So, there's probably a lot of junk and it could benefit from a clean reinstall.

    I'm pretty sure f.lux does operate correctly in the evenings and into the night, but sometimes when I wake up the computer in the morning it's not working properly. And, since I posted the problem to the forum, I've been paying more attention. Last night it was working well, but then I went to display settings to check what the resolution setting was on my main monitor, and when I opened up display settings, f.lux quit working for the main monitor, but kept working for the second one. I didn't even change any settings. The change happened when I initially opened the display settings window. I ignored the problem and put the computer to sleep a little while later. When I woke it up this morning, the main monitor was still in full daytime color mode, f.lux having no effect on it. But f.lux was working for the second monitor. I temporarily moved my browser window to the second monitor so the whiteness wouldn't blind my tired eyes in the morning.

    Then I quit f.lux and restarted it, and now it seems to work properly. Maybe I just need to do that every time it stops working.

  • Hi - can you post the "f.lux options > driver info" stuff here? It will help us figure out what changed.

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