Close to the North Pole=weirdness

  • Has no-one reported weird stuff that happens when one lives rather close to the North Pole?

  • What's happening? I can't see your link. Can you post the information in the post?

  • How about this? said weirdness (damn, this board's UI is nuts)

  • So? No reaction?

  • Hi, I've noticed something similar after updating to the latest version (4.120). There's a strange drop in screen brightness around 1 - 2 pm. This cannot be adjusted to full 6500k. I am relatively close to the article circle as my first coordinate is 63.00 N.

    Here's a screenshot (location coordinates removed):

    I'm using a Lenovo V330-15IKB laptop with two external monitors (laptop screen disabled), here's the arrangement with windows version info:

    GPU is integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620, CPU model i7-8550U

    Display 2 is connected with VGA, display type BenQ GL2450:
    Display 3 is connected with HDMI, display type BenQ GL2450HE:

    Any idea what might be causing this? Please let me know if you need any additional information.

    Edit: here's the driver info:

  • @elenhil This is because f.lux automatically adjusts the time for the color change and there's no way you can change it. It seems they've simply programmed it to auto-adjust based off your stated latitude/longitude (as if the f.lux developers just know better about when you should go to bed, whatever) and because of the lack of adjustment features for when the colors change, there's little workarounds besides just adjusting your location in the app.

    This has apparently been an issue for a long time and has never really been addressed in the software. The only solutions are kludges and tricks to get the program to do what you want it to do. You can go back years on this forum and find people (rightfully) complaining about the very limited ability to adjust when the colors change.

    You can also get a good idea of the attitude f.lux has about this complaint; they respond as if they've been slapped in the face. Or, like your case, they don't respond at all. It's not very becoming of such a well-presented software company with such a noble, stated, goal. Can't tell you how many threads I've seen locked solely about the time adjustment discussion-turned-flamewar. Search for "how to adjust f.lux time" on Google and take a look at the first few results.

  • @elenhil This looks like a bug for sure - we will take another look at "no sunset" or maybe "constant twilight" cases and make sure we handle it right.

  • @areyouserious This kind of post isn't helpful - we have a small number of users near the arctic circle where the sun doesn't fully set in the summer, and we try to treat them well. We have a lot of special cases for this.

    If you have a different complaint, please make a new thread, and if you're not near 60N please don't post on this one.

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