v4.120 update (June 2021)

  • Hey everyone - we think we have figured out why newer graphics cards are sometimes giving "red" artifacts. Sorry that it has taken a while.

    If you are having this problem, please help test our 4.120 version here:


    Please note: we have just renewed our code signing cert today, so there will be a SmartScreen warning for a few days, but as long as it says "F.lux Software LLC" you can go ahead and install safely.

    What's new

    • Fixes for “red pixels” (overflow artifacts) on Intel Xe
    • Updated Philips Hue endpoint for better bridge discovery
    • Color profile safety checks (excluded large gamma values in ICC/ICM VCGT “formula” profiles to avoid washed-out screens)

    As before there is a possible bug/conflict with Windows reloading the color settings and a workaround:

    • In Windows build 19041 (20H1) and later, you will see f.lux reset by the Display Settings panel in Windows. Also, occasionally a notifier will do the same. If you do not like this, you can choose f.lux options > Always use Windows internal color table to prevent it.

  • Fixes for “red pixels” (overflow artifacts) on Intel Xe

    After just 5 minutes of testing it's looking good.

  • Made an account just to say thank you very much for fixing the artifacts on Intel Xe. Appreciate you looking after your user-base and fixing bugs. I love f.lux!!

  • I really love this application and have been using it for years but recently it now has been showing up on discord streams and turning them into completely orange washed out messes and really has been annoying m. I hope that this could be fixed or if anyone has an solution for this I would greatly appreciate it. But for now i am going to have to find an alternative to F.lux

  • @Benzi Can you post f.lux options > driver info so we can see what's going on? thanks...

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