f.lux Icon Still Visible After Deletion

  • (Sorry for lack of pictures)

    I have decided to uninstall f.lux because I felt it was interfering with updates on my Windows 10 desktop. However, its icon still appears on the Start tab.
    The strange thing is, when I look up tips on how to delete 'stubborn' files and programs, they always say you should check Apps & Features in Settings or the list of Programs and Features in the Control Panel. But when I looked in both of them f.lux was not in either of them.
    f.lux also made its home in the Hidden Icons tab. When I checked there, it was not there either.
    Then, I tried redownloading f.lux, thinking that if I were to delete the program away the icon would go away. But then I noticed that there were two icons on the Start tab. The one at the top was the 'broken' f.lux icon, which was the normal icon, but smaller, and in a square. The one at the bottom was the 'normal' f.lux icon, that could be interacted with when clicking on it (such as starting up the program or deleting it).
    When left-clicking the broken icon, none of the options available would work, not even deleting it! And simply just right-clicking it would do nothing at all!

    I find this to be extremely irritating. Wherever I looked that promised a sure-fire way on deleting it, it never worked! Sure, it might have helped clear out old junk files, but it never helped to rid my Start tab of that f.lux icon!

    So, if anyone has any advice on what to do about this situation, I would like to know as soon as possible!

  • How did you uninstall? If you use the "Add or remove programs" menu it should clean itself up entirely.

    The only thing I can think of that might still have the icon is a copy of the installer (in Downloads usually), but otherwise it should be pretty much gone.

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