Add Installation Version Number

  • f.lux is currently supported by the WinGet package manager for Windows. Part of the package management process is checking for updates, and applying them as needed, which it does by looking at the installed application's reported version (which is also listed in the Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs page).

    Currently upon installation f.lux does not report it's version number. So within the package manager it always shows the installed version as Unavailable, and will always attempt to reinstall it. If the application could report its version the package manager would be able to work as intended. An individual has also opened GitHub issue #16003, however it's not an issue resolvable by the WinGet community.

    Thank you for the consideration.

  • Thanks for the request - we don't currently write a version as part of our installer, but we can probably modify it in the future to do so.

    The easier way is to have f.lux write this when it's run - do you know if WinGet would run our app after installing (so flux.exe could write this information), or if this would also cause problems because some cases would have an old version?

  • I have not developed for the platform, however anecdotally I can say that it seems to run like a normal update. So it briefly uninstalls or disables the application, then runs it again when it is complete. I don't see evidence of a post install version check, so potentially as long as the value is written by the next time a WinGet command is ran, it should behave as expected. I'd give it shot and see if it works if that's the easiest/quickest route.

    It seems like a pretty open community, so if if you had questions you could probably respond to the linked ticket to get any needed advice; it's already got the Help-Wanted tag, and I think you're just the folks for the job.


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