Confusing message: "Light is making your body earlier/later"

  • I've had Flux for a while, and one thing that's always bothered me is the weird phrasing of the message "Light is making your body earlier/later". I've seen several other posts on here pointing out that it sounds wrong, like broken English, but to this day it still hasn't been fixed. I don't want this to devolve into another discussion about whether the grammar is "technically correct" or not, but I would like to propose changing the message to something that sounds more natural and less confusing.

    Please consider updating the language to "Light is making your body's clock earlier/later". I believe this simple addition will fix the grammatical issues that so many people have complained about, and I think it makes the statement's intended meaning a little more clear and understandable.

    Aside from language itself, the other issue is that while I vaguely understand that the message is intended to convey some scientific principle about how light affects your body's clock and circadian rhythm, I can't figure out what exactly it's trying to say. When it says "Light is making...", what light is it talking about? Sunlight, moonlight, the lights in my house? Light from my computer screen or phone? Red or blue light specifically? If it's referring to light from the screen, does that only apply when Flux is active? Or only when it's disabled?

    Another thing I'm confused by is in the evening it says "Getting sleepy? Light is making your body later", but what does that mean? If it's 9pm and the lights are on in my house (or I'm on the computer), does "later" mean that my body will think that it's actually 10pm? Why would light have the opposite effect in the evening vs the morning? It also seems to be implying that the light should be making me feel sleepy, but that doesn't make sense and seems to be backwards from what I understand. Doesn't the light trick your body into thinking it's still daytime, thus keeping you awake longer?

    So, as others have suggested, I agree with adding a link to a popup or article going into more detail about how exactly light affects your body at different points during the day, for those who are interested in learning more about it. This would help people understand the process better and make better decisions around habits affecting their body's circadian rhythm. I understand this might be a more involved change, so in the meantime, at the very least please fix the wording on the message itself.

  • Light delays the timing of your circadian clock - Light delays your circadian clock

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