f.lux 4.119 stopped working today (some Windows update?)

  • Today my f.lux is not appling the color temperatures. I restarted, reinstalled, but something is still wrong.

    If I hold the slider to select a color, I see the correct color temperature while holding, but as I release the slider, It resets to a default temperature (looks like it's stuck in a temperature, If I disable I see there was some temperature applied... I just can't change it).

    Also if I choose to "change corrent color" there's no effect.

    I tried enabla/disable Windows night color, which works, but f.lux is still stuck in a temperature which I can't change.

    Anyone else?

  • Can you post f.lux options > driver info?

    There are some issues with newer NVIDIA drivers that we are still trying to track down.

  • ![0_1621593116620_flux driver info.png](Uploading 100%)

    There it is. Both monitors have the issue. By the way, the issue is gone today. If it happens again I tell you.

    I believe the image was uploaded. When I upload it I see here in the site:

    Something went wrong installing the "sharp" module /lib64/libz.so.1: version `ZLIB_1.2.9' not found (required by /home/nodebb/nodebb/node_modules/sharp/build/Release/../../vendor/lib/libpng16.so.16) - Remove the "node_modules/sharp" directory then run "npm install --ignore-scripts=false --verbose" and look for errors - Consult the installation documentation at https://sharp.pixelplumbing.com/install - Search for this error at https://github.com/lovell/sharp/issues

  • Hi, it's happening again today.
    By the way the bug continues even if unplug the external monitor and keep only with the laptop.

  • Hi tom - can you just paste the text? It looks like the PNG upload failed.

  • It hasn't stopped working for me, but there is at least one regression with the current version (4.119). Once the screen turns off (standby) and then comes back on, the tint goes away until I manually reactivate it.

  • Similar problem here. In May 2021 "change current color" stopped having any effect except at colors brighter than Incandescent. Ember and Candle settings, for example, cause no change.
    I have also tried to enable/disable Windows night light and other things, re-booting, uninstalling/re-installing, etc.
    Windows 10 desktop (with most recent update)
    NVidia 710, version
    2 screens (AOC monitor and a Panasonic TV)

  • f.lux tries to reset settings on any wakeup, so if it fails, there is a problem in the driver or OS. There is a potential workaround available by turning on "f.lux options > Always use Windows internal color table" - please let us know if this helps.


  • @Victrola Also we are seeing a lot of issues currently with NVIDIA drivers, but I think there is a 2021 version for the GT 710 so I might try updating it first.

  • @herf Dude, it won´t allow me to select the text...

    Here it is on GDrive:

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