Screen brightness requests

  • I have three requests related to the adjustment of screen brightness:

    • Add an option to not stop dimming automatically at sunrise, for cases where it's desired to always have the screen dimmed
    • Add profiles, e.g. to set the screen to a certain dimness when a particular program is running or, even better, active, and to another dimness when another program is running/active or when the first program is closed. This would allow it to be dimmed way down when program A is run or focused and turned up when program A is closed or program B is run or focused.
    • Allow the page up and down keys to be swapped, so page up would decrease the brightness and down would increase it. While I realize this makes no sense on the surface, consider that many laptops have these keys above, or even on, the left and right arrow keys, and in such setups the left key increases brightness and moves the slider to the right and vice-versa.

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